Canadian Partnership Against Cancer / reports

Canadian Partnership Against Cancer / reports

These System Performance Reports may look simple enough, but they took a lot of critical thinking and planning to get right.


The Partnership works with groups and agencies across Canada to reduce the impact of cancer on all Canadians.


Design templates for a series of reports relaying complex information and then to produce the first set of reports in French, English and accessible PDF versions.


I needed to carefully craft a grid and typographic system that would align and differentiate three categories of reporting; Technical, Narrative and Special Study. The information in these reports were communicated through case studies, complex charts and figures, callouts, statistics and references.

Since the reports began as templates, the hierarchy of the typographic system was of prime importance. I designed a comprehensive style guide which helped me test the system and proved to be a useful tool when presenting concepts and design choices to the client, this document also allowed them to make informed decisions when requesting changes.

In the end, the client was so pleased with my work that I designed and produced the first three sets of reports. The system works extremely well and has been in use for the last 6 years.