Hal-Con / web design

Hal-Con / web design

A website dedicated to celebrating geek and nerd culture! Zero budget. One week. Challenge accepted.


Every year since 2010 this community-focused, volunteer run sci-fi, fantasy and gaming convention strives to be Canada’s best fan-run “comic con” style convention.


Redesign the website for Hal-Con with a focus on improving guests experiences and attracting new visitors from outside the province.


With only a week in the budget for design, whatever choices I made had to be smart and based on relevant information. I executed a comparative analysis of comic-con style conventions across North America. I looked for best practices and commonalities in content, navigation, and accessibility and made recommendations based on my findings.

I presented my recommendations and wireframes to the volunteer board who quickly approved the new direction. Final design files were produced in a few days and handed off to an outside web developer.

Hal-Con has grown into Atlantic Canada’s largest sci-fi convention! Volunteers say that they receive far less telephone requests for information since the redesign.