Vintages of the Mind / identity

Vintages of the Mind / identity

What’s in a name? In this case a whole lot.


Vintages of The Mind is a fundraising event for the Nova Scotia Early Psychosis Program (NSEPP). NSEPP promotes early detection and provides optimal healthcare for persons either experiencing (or at-risk for) their first episode of psychosis.


Design collateral for a wine tasting/silent auction fundraiser. And oh ya, you have three hours allotted for design.


Normally three hours wouldn’t be enough time to design anything worth putting in your portfolio, but something about the name and subject of this event inspired me.

I started by quickly searching for facts about psychosis, the clients website (part of Dalhousie University) had a lot of relevant information. I kept those that I found impactful to the side and thought about how psychosis could be represented visually. I used optical illusions as a metaphor for mental illness, and gave the large posters context by adding the facts I had found.