Patricia's Bistro / identity

Patricia's Bistro / identity

Beet the rush!


Patricia’s Bistro serves lovingly prepared sandwiches, pastas, soups and salads made from scratch. Named for the Chef’s mother, it provides patrons with a warm and inviting atmosphere and terrific food.


Create and execute an identity for a new restaurant in a very short timeframe. Scope of work included design and implementation of the business proposal, interior design, logo, flyers, signage, menus, website and social media graphics and posts.


With only weeks before opening the identity of Patricia’s Bistro needed a system that would be easy to implement and flexible enough to grow.

Vintage inspired typography; bright colour palette and simple shapes could be used in limitless combinations. In the beginning, typographic posters using food puns were to be displayed as large-scale posters to brighten the trendy black walls, but soon provided to be a source of inspiration and a voice for social media promotion, “Beet the Rush! Call your office lunch orders in”.

The result is colourful and quirky with a nod towards nostalgia—truly, a unique addition to the food landscape in Bedford.