Prismatic Arts Festival / identity

Prismatic Arts Festival / identity

Art for everyone!


The Prismatic Art Festival (Prismatic) brings the work of Canada’s leading Aboriginal and culturally diverse artists into the spotlight, creating opportunities for local, regional and national audiences to engage with new art forms and artistic traditions.


Make the Prismatic Festival a household name, increase awareness and attendance, and build sponsorship relationships. The project scope included ideation, and design of billboards, print and online ads, rack cards, buttons, bridge banners, window and elevator wraps, program guide and sponsorship package.


To reach these goals, the 2014 festival allowed the general public free admission to the bulk of Alderney Landing’s main stage performances. Congruently, I worked on a brand standards guide for Onelight Theatre and Prismatic. As I crafted the messaging, a concept emerged that so completely embodied the culture of both entities—Art for Everyone. This became the festivals ethos and the visual identity for the festival quickly evolved from there.

Graphically, I drew inspiration from the festival’s main stage scaffolding. Abstracted, this underlying grid provided structure and unity throughout the collateral. The juxtaposition of hard and soft textures mixed with a bold colour palette and beautiful photography created a vibrant and engaging visual experience.